the Groom Room and  Spa

Located in a beautiful little log cabin in a quiet part of Dornoch, Ultimuttly Groomed has everything your VIP pooch could ask for. The ultimutt grooming experience in relaxed and calm surroundings.

Natural Products

Products used in the spa are all cruelty-free and made from naturally derived, chemical free ingredients.  They are guaranteed to be free from the synthetic materials, chemicals, and unnatural ingredients found in many of today’s grooming products which can cause skin irritations and allergies. UG is proud to offer these products and is dedicated to using the safest, purest, all-natural ingredients for your pet.

Grooming with love

The comfort, safety, and happiness of all UG’s canine clients is of utmost priority.  Owners can have complete peace of mind that their beloved pet is being treated to the quality care they deserve when they visit Ultimuttly Groomed.  During treatments cuddles and praise are given in abundance, ensuring each dog has a positive, loving, and relaxing experience.

Free puppy visits and Puppy University 

UG offers free familiarisation visits to help get your dog used to the grooming salon and grooming experience. Your pooch will be given lots of cuddles and praise, introducing them to the groom room and generally making their first visit an all-around fun experience. For puppies their early experiences of grooming can set the stage for how they respond to being groomed for the rest of their life.  So UG offers the Ultimutt Puppy University to help your new addition become happy and confident with the grooming process.

Pick up and drop off service

For clients who are not in a position to drop off and/or collect their dog but want to take advantage of UG’s grooming and spa treatments, I offer a pick up and drop off service in the IV25 post code area. Contact me for details.

What people say...

- Stephanie Harper

"Got Chica, my Italian spinone groomed here recently and she looks fab! She had quite a few matts but Victoria handled her perfectly. She was great with Chica and very friendly!! Can highly recommend"

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